removing trailing zeros at the end of floating number

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I m getting the numerical result with trailing zeros even after rounding of to few decimal places for eg.:- 3.265000000000 how do i remove those zeroes and just get the value as 3.265

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DGM on 21 Apr 2021
Edited: DGM on 21 Apr 2021
Assuming this is for display purposes, try something like
Abhijit Sardar
Abhijit Sardar on 21 Apr 2021
but when i am copy pasting the data in text file trailing zeroes are still there

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 21 Apr 2021
format long
x = -3.265000000000;
str = sprintf('%g\n',x)
str =
'-3.265 '
x = -3.2650000000001;
str = sprintf('%g\n',x)
str =
'-3.265 '


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