How do I create function that is defined by itself?

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I need help creating this function. I have defined x(t) as
x = @(t) t.*((t>=0)&(t<1))+(0.5+0.5.*cos(2*pi*t)).*((t>=1)&(t<2))+(3-t).*((t>=2)&(t<3));
The end result should look like this

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 27 Apr 2021
As per the equations mentioned above, the function is a periodic one with a period of 4. You can refer to code snippet below to generate a periodic function:
x = @(t) t.*((t>=0)&(t<1))+(0.5+0.5.*cos(2*pi*t)).*((t>=1)&(t<2))+(3-t).*((t>=2)&(t<3))
duration = T;
t = 0:0.5:T; %Time interval is chosen as 0.5 in this case, user can change this value.
y = x(mod(t,4));%Period of 4
Hope this helps!




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