using a variable to change destination path in movefile

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I need to change the destination path each time a picture is taken, so that it can move the picture from one file to a new file (so it doesnt overwrite the last image taken). After taking the picture I've got the variable 'dest_path' so that it changes the string for the image number each time, but movefile comes up with an error for 'invalid use of operator', can anyone help with this?
for n=1:10;
movefile(C:/users/alast/Documents/LAB 5/images, dest_path);

Accepted Answer

DGM on 22 Apr 2021
The first argument here needs to be a string, so put it in quotes (and pay attn to case)
movefile('C:/Users/alast/Documents/LAB 5/images', dest_path);
And to avoid future headaches, zero-pad the file numbers:

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Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 22 Apr 2021
Your first problem is that the first input into movefile should be a char array:
movefile('C:/users/alast/Documents/LAB 5/images', dest_path);
Second, this first input is a folder, so you need to change it to be the actual file you are moving:
movefile('C:/users/alast/Documents/LAB 5/images/filename.jpg', dest_path);


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