How can i sample the function y(t) = sin(200πt) --> y[n] = sin(200πn)

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a) using sampling rate 400 Hz
b) using sampling rate 100 Hz
c) using sampling rate 90 Hz
Over the interval [0; 5T ] (T=period ) and Also, draw a graph of the original function for each subplot.

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 26 Apr 2021
The following code snippet might be helpful for generating discrete sequences under different sampling frequencies:
fs = 400 % It can be 100 or 90 Hz as well, depending on the application
n = 0:1/fs:5*T; % T is the period
y = sin(200*pi*n);
stem(y) %Creates a stem plot for the discrete signal. For a continuous plot, one can use plot(t) instead of stem(t)
Hope this helps!

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