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I have labelled a signal in the signal labeller app which provides me with ls (labeledSignalSet) but the classifier learner app will not accepet this format of data, only table or matrix. However it appears you cannot change a labelledSignalSet into a table or matrix) What is the best way to create a format with the signal in one column and the label in the other?
[sd,ld] = createDatastores(ls,["Cycle"]);
lss = labeledSignalSet(sd,lblDefs)

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 29 Apr 2021
The getLabeledSignal function can convert a labelled signal set to a table. You can go through the documentation page for more details.
Hope this helps!
Frantz Bouchereau
Frantz Bouchereau on 20 Jul 2021
Thomas, you can use the signalMask object to convert region or interest labels to cateorical sequences with one label per sample.

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