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How to convert data sample with size 58 x 32 into matrikx 4x4

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I have audio sample with size of 58 x 32. And I want to convert this sample into a 4 x4 matrix. Can anyone help me?
Winda Mariana
Winda Mariana on 26 Apr 2021
sorry sir. I mean, i want to turn this 56x32 matrix into a bunch of 4x4 matrices

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Accepted Answer

Clayton Gotberg
Clayton Gotberg on 26 Apr 2021
If I understand your new message correctly, you want to get all of the possible 4x4 matrices from this 56x32 matrix. In that case, try:
for j = 1:size(voice_frame,1)-3
for k = 1:size(voice_frame,2)-3
local_matrix{j,k} = voice_frame(j:j+3,k:k+3)
After this, the {j,k}th cell of local_matrix will be the 4x4 matrix in voice_frame that starts at (j,k).
If instead, you just want to break the big matrix up into smaller matrices, maybe this is closer:
for j = 1:size(voice_frame,1)/4
for k = 1:size(voice_frame,2)/4
local_matrix{j,k} = voice_frame(4*j-3:min(4*j,end),4*k-3:min(4*k,end))

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