Load real number, not integer

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john on 8 Jul 2013
why is not possible to load real number? For example "3.14"???
It works only with integer.
Can you help me?
Jan on 9 Jul 2013
The question is still not clear. Why do you add a leading underscore? Why do you make the expression symbolic? You can save informations to a folder, but to a file only. But even then it is not clear, how the extraction of the cell element UserData.matrix{1,1} is related to a loading.
So I try to guess a solution, but thuis does not match to your posted code in any way.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 9 Jul 2013
From the text of your question, I'd extect this could be a solution:
UserData.matrix{1,1} = sscanf(get(handles.a, 'String'), '%g');

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