How to combine And/Or connections in building up Fuzzy rule base

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How can I write rules of the following form?
IF Input1 = Low And Input2 = Medium or Input3 = High Then Output = Low
In my project, I am using 11 input parameters to predict one output parameter. I want to create a rule base of the following form:
IF (I1= X1 And I2=X2 And I2=X3 And I4=X4) Or (I5= X5 And I6=X6 And I7=X7 And I8=X8) Or I9=X9 Or I10=X10 Or I11=X11 Then Output=Z1
Can I combine And/Or connections in the FLS toolbox to build the rule base?

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 17 May 2021
Hi Dipankar,
The documentation link here might be helpful to understand how to build a rule base using Fuzzy Logic Toolbox in MATLAB.
Hope this helps!


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