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How to find closest point in plane to another point? Matlab solution

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Sue Swenson
Sue Swenson on 2 May 2021
Answered: William Rose on 25 May 2021
If I have a plane
and want to find the closest point in this plane to
How could I do this in matlab? I understand how to do this mathematically, but can't figure the syntax

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William Rose
William Rose on 25 May 2021
A plane can be described by
This plane has normal vector .
Suppose is a given external point. Find the point in the plane which is closest to .
The equation which I derived to solve this problem is
We can implement the equation above in Matlab, recalling that prime denotes transpose in Matlab.
In your example, the plane is
and therefore and D=0. Also, in your example, the external point is .
The Matlab code to solve this is:
0 0 0
Try it.

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