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Hi folks,
I am developping an app with app designer, that consists for now of only one main figure. This figure features numeric edit fields, a table, buttons, ...
I would like to integrate a balloon plot to it as well. This balloon plot is created with the patternCustom() function of the Antenna Toolbox and looks like the following:
I don't know how to plot that on the main figure. I had added an Axes object on the main figure at first, but it doesn't seem to do the job.
I want this plot to make one with the main figure and not be in a separate figure.
Any ideas anyone?
Many thanks in advance

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Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria on 7 May 2021
% Create a helix antenna
% Generated by MATLAB(R) 9.10 and Antenna Toolbox 5.0.
% Generated on: 05-May-2021 18:45:49
%% Antenna Properties
antennaObject = helix;
% Show
%% Antenna Analysis
% Define plot frequency
plotFrequency = 2100*1e6;
% Define frequency range
freqRange = (1890:21:2310)*1e6;
% impedance
impedance(antennaObject, freqRange)
% sparameter
s = sparameters(antennaObject, freqRange);
% pattern
pattern(antennaObject, plotFrequency)
% azimuth
patternAzimuth(antennaObject, plotFrequency, 0, 'Azimuth', 0:5:360)
You can use antenna toolbox app to generate a similar plot as shown in the example above and then you can export the script to a .m file. Furthermore, you can use the script to generate the plot and use this script in your codebase. You can add and modify the script according to your requirements.


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