calling a sequence of images for processing

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I have a part of my code shown below which allocates the file name of a sequence of images so that it can be read with the imread command but for some reason it adds a space inside the file name so the name is invalid:
if k ~= 1
if k < 10
num = k - 1;
file_num = strcat('0',num,'.')
file_num = strcat(num,'.');
image_file_name = strcat(file, image_name, file_num,'jpg');
M = imread(image_file_name);
file_num = '00';
And it gives me the error:
Error using imread (line 350)
File "C:\Users\bostock_h\Documents\Images\i130614_075_large\i130614_074-1000 .jpg" does not exist.
Error in image_processing_project4 (line 61)
M = imread(image_file_name);
So as you can see there is a break after the file number with a space. But I don't know where it's coming from??

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Matt J
Matt J on 15 Jul 2013
Perhaps you meant
num = num2str(k - 1);

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