How can I download Psychtoolbox?!

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Priyanka on 15 Jul 2013
I have a Mac that is OS X Version 10.8.4. My Mac should already have Subversion, which is needed to download Psychtoolbox. For some reason when I try to download psychtoolbox Matlab gives me this error:
The Subversion client "svn" is not in its expected location "/usr/local/bin/svn" on your disk. Please download and install the most recent Subversion client from: web -browser and then run DownloadPsychtoolbox again. Error using DownloadPsychtoolbox (line 477) Subversion client is missing. Please install it.
I have gone to the link and downloaded Subversion(even though my computer should already have it) and Matlab still isn't able to find it. How can I fix this or how can I add a path that will help Matlab find subversion?

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Lokesh Ravindranathan
Lokesh Ravindranathan on 15 Jul 2013
I think you should check if SVN has been installed correctly. Did you install SVN as a root user?
Try installing as a root, also check if it is installed in the correct location. To double check, try the command
svn help
This will help to check if svn has been installed. Post this step, install the psychtoolbox. If you think your path is corrupted, try created a temp user, install svn, install psychtoolbox.

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