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How do you creat one large text file?

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karen on 15 Jul 2013
So I have created these mini text files in matlab but I was wondering how do you create one large file with all these mini text files in it?

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Jan on 16 Jul 2013
Edited: Jan on 16 Jul 2013
Saving them to one file initially would be more efficient. But let's try:
List = {'KuKaBand.txt', 'KaBand.txt', 'KuBand.txt', 'Noise.txt'};
OutFID = fopen(fullfile(tempdir, 'Total.txt'), 'w');
if OutFID == -1, error('Cannot open file'); end
for k = 1:numel(List)
InFID = fopen(List{k}, 'r');
if InFID == -1, error('Cannot open file'); end
InData = fread(InFID, Inf, '*uint8');
fwrite(OutFID, InData, 'uint8');
So the strategy is: Open the resulting file for writing. Open each file for reading and append its contents to the resulting file.
[EDITED] The operating systems have some methods also. E.g. under Windows:
Str = sprintf('%s+', List{:});
system(['copy /b ', Str(1:end-1), ' Total.txt']);

Pourya Alinezhad
Pourya Alinezhad on 15 Jul 2013
load all mini text.then save the total workspace in a new text file .
karen on 16 Jul 2013
I have files name KuKaBand.txt, KaBand.txt, KuBand.txt and Noise.txt and I'm trying to put them all in one big file.

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Saidul islam Tanveer
Saidul islam Tanveer on 11 Feb 2020
i have 8855 rows and 1133 colums how can i convert csv to matfile


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