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How to use a dll file in Simulink/Simscape using S-functions?

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In order to share a Simulink/Simscape model with a third party I generated a shared library/ dll-file from this model. I assume this provides a safe way to share a protected model. However to test if the dll-file works, I want to make sure that I myself can run the dll file again in Simulink. I understand that S-function blocks are used to do this, however I don't know how to do this for dll-files (in contrast to mex files, which can be simply added to the S-function block).
Online I found quite some help on this, however I'm not familiar with C-code and didn't understand the answers there.
So my question comes down to:
  1. What are the steps I need to take to use a dll file in a s-function block?
  2. Do I need to write c-code supporting files for this to work?
  3. Can S-functions work with Simscape blocks?
  4. I want to share this dll as a protected file ( to keep the third party from knowing what's inside the model). Is this possible with dll-files? I know 'protected models' cannot be used because of the fact that I use Simscape ports at the root level of my model.
Regarding info on the model: the model contains several simulink in/output ports as wel as Simscape in/output ports. The logic inside will only contain basic simulink/simscape blocks.

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Oliver Jaehrig
Oliver Jaehrig on 6 May 2021




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