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How to use arduino libraries in simulink

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Good morning,
I would like to use arduino functions such as "digitalWrite" or libraries such as "SoftwareSerial" in the Arduino IDE within a simulink model.
Is there a quick way to import these libraries and use the functions inside the Stateflow state machine model?
I would to create simulink model that is able to use the function present in custom or standar arduino library.
I have some project developted with Arduino IDE that are present a specifics libraries to use for display or sensors or another devices.
My version of MATLAB/Simulink is 2021a
In this new version, Simulink has a new features C Coder Importer.
Can I use this functionality?
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Rik on 22 May 2021
Comment posted as asnwer by @Mirko Mirabella:
Good morning, has anyone tried to use the Arduino Softwareserial.h library within Simulink or Stateflow?
I'm trying to insert this library, but I haven't got results yet, it depends on many .h files in the Arduino toolchain.

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Accepted Answer

Pradeep KS
Pradeep KS on 13 May 2021
Refer the below documentation links for creating a custom Simulink Device Driver block using Arduino library.
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Rik on 14 May 2021
Comment posted as answer by @Mirko Mirabella:
Good morning, thanks for the links, I will try to follow the guides.
I have a few more questions to ask.
Is it possible to use the functions in the Arduino toolchain directly in simulink without having to create a driver block?
For example I would like to use some functions within stateflow and not as simulink blocks.

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