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Adding license agreement to compiled MATLAB program

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I am writing a MATLAB-based GUI application that I am supposed to share with some external users. As suggested in
I added a datetime check to make sure the users can only use the software for a limited amount of time. The other part of "protecting" my rights on the software would be to ask the end user to sign some form of license agreement during the installation process-- as commonly done with any type of software that one installs on his/her computer. Is there a standard way in MATLAB (compiler) too add such a license agreement that the user needs to accept? If not what solutions can you suggest or did you use in the past?
My current solution is to have a question dialog box popping up each time the program is started. Thereby the user has to reconfirm each time the user agreement.

Accepted Answer

Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil on 20 May 2021
Aside from including a text license agreement with the application process by including the file in the "Files installed for your end user" section of the Compiler, the Application Compiler does not have any special functionality regarding license agreements.
In terms of recommendations, MathWorks does not have any recommendations of how to go about this, as long as the application and the license agreement itself complies with the "Deployment Rights" section of the Program Offering Guide, which can be found here:

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