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Plotting results of fft2 with frequencies in the x and y axes

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savitha muthanna
savitha muthanna on 8 May 2021
I have the results of the position and momenta of particles, in the matrix y1, from (1:N,1:N) for positions and (1:N,N:2N) of momentum. IT represents time.
for IT=1:(t/L),
yq(IT, 1:N,1:N)=y1(IT,1:N,1:N);
yp(IT, 1:N,1:N)=y1(IT,1:N, N+1,2*N);
YP=fft2(yp(IT, :,:));
I took fft2 to compute the spectrum for the positions and momenta and now I want to plot them. I tried the following,:
sYQ(IT,:,:)=rYQ(IT,:,:) ./ max(rYQ(IT,:,:));
Is the above correct? In addition, I get an error saying :
Error using surf (line 71)
Z must be a matrix, not a scalar or vector.
Please help.

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VBBV on 8 May 2021
%if true
savitha muthanna
savitha muthanna on 9 May 2021
I dont want to plot yq or yp and they are unrelated. I found that if I permute the order such that IT is the third dimension, the surf in my code works.

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