What are the measures/scales on the colorbar in Hilbert spectrum?

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When applying hht(imf,fs) we get Hilbert spectrum showing a colorbar on the right. What are those values/measures on the color bar and how can we obtain/calculate them?
Meanwhile, how can we customize the actual time on the x-axis, if offset is other than 0 (f.exp. 25-30s)?
Thanks in advance,

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 25 May 2021
Hi Jan,
  1. The values available in the colorbar can be obtained by returning an output from the hht function. The code below shows how we can use the values from hht output in the form of a matrix.
hs = hht(imf,fs) % Returns a sparse matrix
h_full = full(hs) % Converts the sparse matrix to a dense matrix
The values that appear in the h_full matrix decide the values on the colorbar.
2. The hht documentation actually has examples where numeric outputs are used to obtain a plot that is different from the convenience plot offered when hht is called without an output.
Hope this helps!


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