help required using colormap function in matlab

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Hello Everyone,
I am using surf function to plot a 2D matrix Z. The matrix has 61 rows and 98 columns. The data varies from 26.5 to 33.5 , and in few places I have some zeros. Till now i was using the default colourmap for plotting my data using surf command. But now I want more control over the colour pattern. I was reading through the documentation of colormap. It says that
"Specify an array of color data that is equal in size to the z- data and is used for indexed colors"
I create a matrix C of same size as Z but I still did not understand what values to put so that I can use the surf function as

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 22 Jul 2013
It is not clear what you are trying to do. In the simplest case you might be trying to do
Z = 7*rand(61,98)+26.5;
C = ndgrid(1:size(Z,1), 1:size(Z,2));
but I suspect you are trying to change the colormap
set(gcf, 'ColorMap', [1:64; 64:-1:1; [32:-1:1, 64:-1:33]]'/64)
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 23 Jul 2013
A 61x98 matrix is not a color map. A color map must be Nx3 where the three values in each row represents a RGB values. I chose N to be 64 since 64 different colors tends to be enough to be percieved as visually continuous. If you have discrete data with only 8 values, then you could set N to be 8.
In surf(Z) MATLAB plots a 3D surface with the height of the surface defined by Z. It then uses the color map to assign color such that smaller Z have values from the "bottom" of the color map and larger Z have values from the "top" of the map. What those colors are depends on the color map.
In surf(Z,C) Z is still the height, but MATLAB choses the color from the color map based on C.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 22 Jul 2013
You can modify it interactively by using the colormapeditor
(Also available through: Edit Menu -> Colormap)


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