Error with Blkproc.m

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Pooja on 23 Jul 2013
I am getting error as follows how to solve it?
??? Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.
Error in ==> blkproc at 89 aa(border(1)+(1:ma),border(2)+(1:na)) = a;
Error in ==> func_DCTJPEG at 35 Coef=blkproc(ImageSub,[8,8],'dct2(OriginalImage)');

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Lokesh Ravindranathan
Lokesh Ravindranathan on 23 Jul 2013
This solution explains the reason for the error message. In short, you are trying to execute something which shouldn't be allowed.

Jan on 23 Jul 2013
Check your code again:
Coef = blkproc(ImageSub, [8,8], 'dct2(OriginalImage)');
The provided function is a string, but blkproc expects a function handle. How could Matlab know, what "OriginalImage" is?
Please post the relevant part of the code to allow a more explicit help.
Jan on 27 Jul 2013
@Pooja: Even knowing the general purpose doe not allow to suggest a specific function.
Please open a new thread for a new question. Add the concerned code there and post a copy of the complete error message.

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