Mean/max/min map from multiple netcdf file

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I want to create mean/max/min map from multiple netcdf file (each file contains data for one month) in MATLAB. can anyone help me with the procedure or the code to excute this task?
thank you in advanced.

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 21 May 2021
We can use the ncread command for reading the data from NetCDF files.
The following code might be used to read NetCDF files given that all the files are stored in a particular folder called netCDF_files:
folderName = "netCDF_files";
fileinfo = dir(folderName);
fnames = {};
arr_3d = [];
for i=1:length(fnames)
filePath = fullfile(folderName,fnames{i});
arr = ncread(filePath,variable);%variable is the name of the data variable that we are trying to read.
arr_3d = cat(3,arr_3d,arr);% Here we are assuming that the data obtained using ncread is a 2D array and we are creating a 3D volume by concatenating them
mean_nc = mean(arr_3d,3);
max_nc = max(arr_3d,[],3);
min_nc = min(arr_3d,[],3);
Hope this helps!

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