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How can I solve this problem using MATLAB?

Asked by Nawal
on 27 Jul 2013
In a theme park a new ride modeled as swinging pendulum is being studied. A simple pendulum that is undergoing swinging in the air has aerodynamic damping which can be modeled by the equation 1. Equation 2 models the resistance by viscous damping.
thetadotdot+ ((C*thetadot)/m) + (sin(theta)*g)/ (l) ) =0 % Equation (2)
thetadotdot+ ( ((C*(thetadot)^(2))/( m* l)) * (sin (thetadot)) )+ (sin(theta)*g)/ (l) ) =0 % Equation (1)
For the simulation part use m = 1000 kg; l = 10 m; Ca = Cd = 14 ; theta(0) =1.57; thetadot(0)= 0.
Now as a consultant to the theme park which would you chose and justify your choice. Generate one plot with both the velocities and another plot with both the displacement. Label the axis and put suitable legends on the plots.


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