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error when install the raspberry pi

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Linoy Oren
Linoy Oren on 20 May 2021
Edited: Michael Tumabcao on 2 Jun 2023
When I install the Raspberry Pi package, in the step "write firmware" i got an Error: "Error writing firmware to the memory card: An error occurred while writing to the SD card.Accese is denied.
I have the raspberry pi 4 Model b.
I tried to restart my computer and also change reader SD card but it is didn't work.
Any other suggestion?

Answers (2)

Manas Meena
Manas Meena on 27 May 2021
In Write Firmware screen of the Hardware Setup for Raspberry Pi™, you may get ‘permission denied’ error while writing the firmware to SD card. To resolve this error in Linux® or Mac operating systems, make sure to delete the 'img_writer_log.txt' file present in 'temp' directory and retry the Write operation. You can find the ‘temp’ directory of your host machine by executing the command ‘tempdir’ in MATLAB command prompt.
To resolve this issue in Windows® platform, delete 'img_writer_log.txt' and ‘sderr.txt’ present in the location, $SPKGROOTDIR/3P.instrset/raspbian.instrset where $SPKGROOTDIR is the path that you get by executing the command matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot in the MATLAB command prompt.

Michael Tumabcao
Michael Tumabcao on 2 Jun 2023
Edited: Michael Tumabcao on 2 Jun 2023
Hi Matlab Support,
I have same problem as this. I have Windows 64b system. I followed this steps but i cannot find the $SPKGROOTDIR in the folder that the matlab command prompted the directory. I was able to find the the two files img_writer_log.txt' and ‘sderr.txt’ when i use the "tempdir" command in matlab command prompt and try to delete the two files. But it did not fix the SD card cannot access. I observed after i deleted the two files and then press again the write in the rapberry pi image installation in SD card, then i see the two files again after deleting it. I also tried formating the SD card with different SD card formatter i found online but it didn't work. Similarly did not work with windows format command thru right click on the drive G (SD card)..
Michael Tumabcao




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