Simulink Entity Find for Inventory

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Marc Elpel
Marc Elpel on 22 May 2021
I'm trying to use Entity Find for searching / reporting inventory of various types. Basically searching the 'Entity Store" to determine what is on the shelves.
The code works, but ht e"number of entities found" statistics output is cummulative, so if the answer is 5 and I repeatedly call the function it reports 5, 10, 15, .... The answer I need is 5 is that is all that is in the inventory.
I've tried many approaches, all blocked by one issue or another. I can run a manual count of entities found, but cannot determine if it is mid or end of count. An exit function would allow calling a function with a total count, but there is no exit function. Tried a math function on the cummulative output that generates spikes at transitions rather than holding qty.
Have completely searched the inventory model - description says it periodically performance an inventory check but did not find that in the sample (it seems to monitor input-output, not check the existing shelf stock.)
Seems like a simple problem - hoping someone has a simple answer!

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