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How do I fix it?(error code = 16)

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Byeong Cheol Kim
Byeong Cheol Kim on 26 May 2021
Answered: Manas Meena on 1 Jun 2021
I purchased and installed MATLAB Production Server, then created an Instance and ran it, but the following error came out: "Server failed to start (error code = 16): license checkout failed Server process exited with return code: 16 (check logs for more) information)" Runtime was set in the Setting part of Instance. But I get error code = 16. How do I fix it?
I referenced that url, but I can't understand.
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Byeong Cheol Kim
Byeong Cheol Kim on 26 May 2021
1 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.118671] [information] Starting master (pid = 6468)
2 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.168464] [information] Global locale: en_US
3 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.169450] [information] Global encoding: windows-1252
4 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.169450] [information] terminal encoding: IBM437
19 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.462412] [information] [SERVICE:FLEXlm Client] license unavailable
20 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.462412] [information] [SERVICE:FLEXlm Client] temporarily disabling request processing
21 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.463384] [information] [SERVICE:FLEXlm Client] reset current license type to be invalid
34 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.497571] [error] [License:FlexlmLicenseApi] checkout() failed-5
35 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.497571] [error] [License:FlexlmLicenseApi] License Checkout Error
41 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.498555] [error] [SERVICE:FLEXlm Client] license checkout failed
44 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.498555] [error] [SERVICE:FLEXlm Client] License Manager failed to start
45 [2021.05.26 11:35:47.499526] [error] [SERVICE:FLEXlm Client] Failed to start with error, code = 16, message = license checkout failed

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Answers (1)

Manas Meena
Manas Meena on 1 Jun 2021
Please refer to This answer by the Mathworks support team.
License error code 16 means MLM daemon path is invalid.
Check your $MPS_INSTALL/etc/license.dat (if Windows, $MPS_INSTALL\etc\license.dat) file and DAEMON MLM path is correct. If you're using Linux, this path would be
DAEMON MLM $MPS_INSTALL/etc/glnxa64/mlm
In case of Windows, this path should be
DAEMON MLM $MPS_INSTALL\etc\win64\mlm.exe


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