Is it possible to attach to a running matlab process?

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I have a matlab process which executes a function for a week or so. I would like to attach to this process to examine some variables' values. Is it possible to attach to a running matlab process in a similar way like I can attach to a running process using GDB? My matlab version is 2012b if it makes any difference
Thanks in advance

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 8 Aug 2013
Assuming you are using Linux and want to attach over ssh (or something similar) you should look at the answers to this question which suggest using SCREEN (although some people suggest VNC). You should also take a look at this question which provides some warnings about long running processes.
Cecil Smith
Cecil Smith on 4 Apr 2022
I'm having this problem, too. I use tmux to run matlab. But now it paused at somewhere. So I'm looking for a method to start a debugger and attach debugger to this process to see what happened, not just inspect its stdout. While for C program, GDB can implement this. Is it possible for matlab?

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