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Search for optimal values of variables

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I have two parameters c1 & c2 as variables which I pass to a function and it returns x as 0 or 1 (not logical operators but values). It returns 0 for most cases but for very few cases, specific values of c1 & c2 return x = 1 satisfying certain conditions.
How can I use MATLAB to automatically search for those values of c1 and c2 (bounded in an interval). Using a while loop by varying c1,c2 randomly isn't helping. I tried fminsearch, fmincon and lsqnonlin but they all converge to an infeasible point right at the start and I dont know the reason.
I want my code to find such values of c1, c2 which satisfy x = 1 in an optimal way. Can anybody help?
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LO on 1 Jun 2021
can you post an example of your code ? it would be easier to know what you mean

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Fawad Farooq Ashraf
Fawad Farooq Ashraf on 1 Jun 2021
I figured this out. And I'd share how i did it, in case anyone else encounters the same problem.
I used fmincon with objective function as 0 and equality constraints equal to the conditions at which x became 1.
That solved my problem.

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