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How to insert a row and shift cells down in excel

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Hello, I am currently working on a GUI that collects data from the user and delivers as an Excel file which has a pre-defined template. However, some sections of Excel template that the GUI inserts data have limited number of rows (let's say 20). If I want to insert data which need 30 rows, how can I insert it by shifting the following cells down and without disturbing the pre-defined template? I am using MATLAB 2020a and I can manipulate an Excel file via actxserver().
Edit: Can I insert rows with data? In another saying, can I write a ten rowed table on a single row such that the extra rows are inserted automatically? Now, I am pushing following cells downwards and writing data on the inserted cells.
Thanks in advance.

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Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen on 1 Jun 2021
I believe you can achieve this using
you might have to have the relevant row selected before it works - I use it just to add new rows from the very top in an excel database, but that works like a charm at least :)
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Utkucan Genç
Utkucan Genç on 1 Jun 2021
First of all, thank you for the commend.
I cannot use the line given above, I got 'Cannot run the macro 'InsertRow'.' error. However, I think I found the following solution for my problem:
Much appreciated.

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