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how to run a code to several files in a folder?

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Hello everyone, how can I run a code for different files in a folder? i.e, Each file is a dataset and the idea is to run the code to generate results independently in a .PDF file in another different folder, thanks.

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Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen on 1 Jun 2021
Edited: Jakob B. Nielsen on 1 Jun 2021
You can manage this using for loops, provided that your datafiles are named in an incremental manner. Example, you have 10 files named data1, data2, ... data10.
for i=1:10
%dataanalysis here
reportfunction(['Analysis report no.',num2str(i),'.pdf']);
Of course since I have no idea what format your data is in, I cant say which of the numerous generic read functions you should use, nor how you should write your reports, but I hope you get the general idea :)
As an alternative, you can also use
[Name,Path]=uigetfile({'*.txt*'},'Find data...','MultiSelect','on');
for i=1:10
%data analysis here
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Fercho_Sala on 1 Jun 2021
@Jakob B. Nielsen the results for each file are separated by ´tabs´, how is possible to put independentely every tab in one sheet inside the resulting .PDF file ? Thank you.

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