row-echelon matrix form (not reduced)

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ali on 31 May 2011
Commented: Brahim on 10 Jan 2023
what is row-echelon matrix form (not reduced) in matlab?

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Nagabhushan SN
Nagabhushan SN on 9 Oct 2018
performs LU factorization of a matrix. So, you can get upper triangular matrix from there. Not sure though if it performs Gauss reduction
[L,U,P] = lu(A);
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Brahim on 10 Jan 2023
what does the P stand for?

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Ivan van der Kroon
Ivan van der Kroon on 31 May 2011
With rref you will produce the reduced row echelon form, see
doc rref
But a non-reduced form is not unique. See for instance wikipedia: You can multiply individual rows with a scalar and/or add rows to other rows. It is in echelon form as long as it is upper-triangular.
Charles Daniels
Charles Daniels on 23 Sep 2020
it should be implemented the same way TI does in their calculators, for consistency

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