How to make a 0.001 difference ?

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Fire on 31 May 2011
Hey All,
I am a novice in matlab. Have a basic doubt
I know how to make a difference say
But how to make a difference to every number add up with another 0.001
[1 1+0.001 2 2+0.001 3 3+0.001 4 4+0.001 5 5+0.001]
As you can see, the 0.001 is not added to every number number the alternative number.
How to do this ? Plz help me

Accepted Answer

Ivan van der Kroon
Ivan van der Kroon on 31 May 2011
b=sort([a a+0.001]);
Fire on 31 May 2011
Thank you Guyssssss.. seems to work

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