How to disable beep (beep off does not work)?

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Hello Fellow Matlabbers,
I am using Matlab 2013a on OS X. The beeps being emitted by the editor are driving me crazy (especially while using headphones). After running "beep off" Matlab appears to believe that beeps are off:
>> s = beep
s =
However, when I type things like "case" or have partial parentheses I still hear beeps. Is there some other variable I can turn off? I really don't want to have to switch over to emacs as my editor, but these beeps are horrible.
Thank you, Kyle

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 16 Aug 2013
You can change the the error sound file to something that does not have any sounds.
This way when anything that emits a beep fires, nothing plays. beep off only shuts it off for errors.
Ethan the CodeMaster Red pill taker
still no fix in 2022!!
I wanna disable the annoying sound when i at the buttom of the command window but still like the error warning when running codes.

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 17 Aug 2013
I believe BEEP OFF turns off the beep when there is an error. Partial parenthesis are not an error (although if you run code with them it will cause an error). I don't have MATLAB in front of me, but there is an option under preferences about BEEP and parenthesis.
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Stefan Karlsson
Stefan Karlsson on 15 Apr 2014
There is NO way to turn off the beep. To illustrate this, go to the command prompt (with all your beep settings offed) and just push the down key. This loops through the command history, and when you reach the end of it... you guessed it... BEEP

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Brandon Ginley
Brandon Ginley on 2 Dec 2016
Edited: Brandon Ginley on 2 Dec 2016
Hi, if you check the preferences (this is for MATLAB 2015B) there is an option, as another answer mentions, to turn it off. Please see the attached screenshot, where you can turn the noise off by going to preferences, and then to keyboard settings, and setting the delimiter matching to none instead of beep. This turned the noise off for my console.
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Pedro Busc
Pedro Busc on 3 Jun 2017
f3 Beep f3 beep f3 beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeep...... lazy and dumb programmers

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