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Warning in reading data from serial port.

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Sabarinathan Vadivelu
Sabarinathan Vadivelu on 17 Aug 2013
I'm trying to read a single character 'A' from serial port, But it is issuing a warning always.
CharVar = fscanf(SerialObj,'%c',1);
Warning: Unsuccessful read: A timeout occurred before the Terminator was reached or SIZE values were available.

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Jan on 17 Aug 2013
The message seems to tell you, that Matlab did not receive a character and/or the corresponding terminator before the timeout occurred. So it might be useful to show us the command used for opening the port (especially the timeout value) and explain, if you are sure, that the character has been sent in the required period of time.
Jan on 25 Aug 2013
What about increasing the value of the TimeOut?

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