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Problem with KinectSimulator.

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Dawid Jakiel
Dawid Jakiel on 14 Jun 2021
Answered: arushi on 7 May 2024
Hello everyone, I have a little problem.
I have just downloaded KinectSimulator from here:
After downloaded I unpacked this file and then I ran mexall.m Compilation was successfull but when i want run file demo_KinectSimulator.m i got these errors:
>> demo_KinectSimulator
Adding opcodemesh path...\n
Error using load
Unable to read file 'default_load_files\kinect-pattern_3x3.mat'. No such file or directory.
Error in KinectSimulator_IR (line 390)
Error in demo_KinectSimulator (line 28)
[~,~,~] = KinectSimulator_IR(vertex_wall,face_wall,norm_wall);
And I really do not know hot to fix it. Please i need help. Thanks in advance. It is very important for me!

Answers (1)

arushi on 7 May 2024
Hi Dawid,
The error message you're encountering indicates that the "KinectSimulator" is trying to load a file named "kinect-pattern_3x3.mat" from a directory named `default_load_files`, but it cannot find the file or the directory.
1. Check the Current Working Directory - Ensure that your current working directory in MATLAB is set to the root directory of the `KinectSimulator` project. MATLAB's "load" function will look for files relative to the current working directory unless an absolute path is provided.
2. Verify the Path in the Code - If the file exists in the correct folder and your working directory is set properly, check the path used in the `KinectSimulator_IR` function. It's possible there may be a typo or incorrect path specification in the code. If you're using Windows, the path should be correct as it uses backslashes "\". However, if you're on a Unix-based system (like macOS or Linux), you might need to change the backslashes to forward slashes "/", although MATLAB typically handles these differences automatically.
3. Add the Directory to MATLAB's Path - You can also try adding the "default_load_files" directory to MATLAB's path programmatically to ensure MATLAB can access the file regardless of the current working directory.
4. Manually Specify the Full Path - As a last resort, you could modify the "KinectSimulator_IR" function to specify the full path to the "kinect-pattern_3x3.mat" file when calling "load". This is not the most elegant solution, as it hardcodes paths into your code, but it can be a quick workaround.
Hope this helps.


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