how to write program for following problem

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sowjanya on 27 Aug 2013
if i get string as an input in COM1 and i have to make a shape according to that string. the string has characters- A,A',B,B',C,C',D,D' and these characters represent lines which have to be drawn. A represents line in upward direction of length say x, then A' represents line in upward direction but the length of the line of half of A ie, x/2, similarly with the other characters, where A represents upward line, B-downward line, C-left line and D- right line. Ex: if the string i receive a string AD'BA'C' then the output should be "A" in segmented form

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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig on 27 Aug 2013
Edited: Matt Kindig on 27 Aug 2013
I'm not going to given you the entire code, but to get you started, here's how you can do the parse:
a = 'AD''BA''C'''; %sample input string
%separate into various characters
chars = regexp(a, '[ABCD](''*)', 'match'); %characters are in a cell array
for k=1:length(chars),
c = chars{k}; %for each character
%fill in the plotting code here!

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Aug 2013
I(curx:curx+L,:) = 1; %line of length L drawn vertically

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