Skull Removal of brain using matlab

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Muhammad Ali Qadar
Muhammad Ali Qadar on 3 Sep 2013
I want to remove the skull from brain Image, one link I found useful in mathworks is, Please tell me What are useful methods for this task is there is any efficient way in matlab to do it without any medical softwares, if there is very good medical software then which one is easy to useful for this purpose. Like this is The for which I would strip the skull,
thanks in advance for comments and solutions

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Sep 2013
First, get rid of the text, if it's in the image. Then threshold the image to binarize it. Then label the image with bwlabel(). Then use ismember to get rid of blob #1 and keep all other blobs. This assumes that there is no strand of brightness that connects the skull to anything inside that you want to keep. So, it's like 2 or 3 lines of code. See if you can do it yourself first, but let us know if you can't.
Muhammad Ali Qadar
Muhammad Ali Qadar on 4 Sep 2013
@Image Analyst, can you please Try the Image with your code

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Thomas on 3 Sep 2013
I use a program known as AFNI for such skull stripping. AFNI has been developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) AFNI can be found here for download (it's free-
and the part used for skull stripping is called 3dSkullStrip
Muhammad Ali Qadar
Muhammad Ali Qadar on 4 Sep 2013
so It do not work for Windows then is there is no Way to use it for Windows

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