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why Matlab Mobile remove the option to connect to my own desktop Matlab installation ?

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i have use Matlab Mobile in the pass to access my own PC with a licenced installation.
now its imposible to conect matlab mobile to your PC . . . .
old gui
the new version only allows Matlab Cloud . . . . .

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri on 2 Jul 2021
The 'Connect to the Computer' feature has been removed from all versions MATLAB. You can instead connect to the MathWorks Cloud and upload the files created on your device and access the files already uploaded to the MATLAB Drive.
The following URL can be used for connecting to the MathWorks Cloud from MATLAB Mobile:
1.Android Users:
2. iOS Users:
The reason to do this is, the usage of the desktop connection was very low and we decided to focus new feature development in the cloud connection. Streaming sensor data to the desktop is still possible using the new workflow.
We would like to know your use case for the desktop connection. We might be able to offer an alternative using MATLAB Mobile connected to the cloud.
Hope it helps
kalashnikov on 2 Jul 2021
there are many use cases:
- "I need more than 5 gigs to do my processes in matlab"
- "for big data matlab online, its not a really god idea"
- "I have matlab on my home pc, why? I can't use it. I am forced to use vnc ......"
- the clasic "my matlab license is perpetual, and when it was purchased the matlab mobile worked with my remote office pc. why doesn't it work now? " This could include legal issues in my country, the use of the perpetual word in a software offering. . .
and many more
kalashnikov on 2 Jul 2021
when they argue the use of matlab mobile sensors as a functionality. this really questions me.
It seems focused on student users, or in what professional case can I trust a phone sensor?
the argument of use for me of matlab mobile, was to be able to connect to the pc, and avoid using "drives". and use the hardware that I want.
It would be interesting to know the statistics of how many people have asked "why can't I have more than 5G in the matlab online drive, and thus be able to make a total migration..."

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