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Where is the problem???

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john on 10 Sep 2013
UserData.matrix(3,3) is type of cell, and d is also type of cell. I got this error:
??? Error using ==> mupadmex Error in MuPAD command: Can't evaluate to boolean [bool];
during evaluation of 'subproc'
Error in ==> sym.sym>sym.eq at 755 X = mupadmex('symobj::eq',A.s,B.s,9);
Error in ==> Simulator>vzaj_indukc_Callback at 5432 find(sym(UserData.matrix(3,3))==sym(d))
Why? Here is the code:
john on 10 Sep 2013
UserData.matrix is not always 3 x 3 matrix, but in column 3 is information. This information means: with witch inductors has inductor a mutual inductance. "L1,ww,3" means than inductor has mutual inductance with inductor L1, ww is mutual inductance and 3 is numerical value of mutual inductance.
To add new info I use:
UserData.matrix{pom3+3,3}=sscanf(strcat(char(UserData.matrix{pom3+3,3}),',,',char(pom2),',',get(handles.mut_ind_symb,'string'),',',get(handles.mut_ind_val, 'String')), '%s');
I hope it is answer :-)

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Sep 2013
Don't cast to anything! Just use strfind():
string1 = 'L1,ww,3||L2,M2,2||L3,f44,2.4'
d = 'L1'
location = strfind(string1, d)
if ~isempty(location)
message = sprintf('%s was found\nin %s\nat index %d.',...
d, string1, location);
message = sprintf('%s was NOT found in %s.',...
d, string1);

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