Column width in uitable

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john on 12 Sep 2013
if I press button, then new figure appears with uitable. Column width is always the same. How can I change column width? Or if I change column width manually by mouse and then I press button, then I wont to have width from mouse.
Thank you
Me code:
t = uitable('Parent',f,'Data',result,'Position',[10 10 630 400],'ColumnWidth','auto','RowName',rnames,'Columneditable',coleditable,'ColumnFormat',{'char', 'char', 'char', 'char', 'char', 'char'});

Answers (1)

Jan on 12 Sep 2013
I'm not sure if I understand your question.
You can change the columnwidth by not setting it to 'auto' but manually by a cell, which contains the width values. See
You cannot obtain the changed width values as far as I know.
john on 23 Sep 2013
Can any body help me?

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