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2013b editor tabs ordering? (at the top, not ^I, HT)

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nanren888 on 18 Sep 2013
In 2013b the editor tabs, for multiple files, behave differently. (1) Anyone know whether I can revert the behaviour to that of previous version, ie scrolling left & right? (2) Anyone save me time by telling me the rule they follow?
Thanks in advance.
Background: I seem to work spatially. I find that I remember where a file-tab is on left to right-ed-ness. The new list on the right appears to be a step forward, but I find I am not working by names, but relative positions, so in short, I am lost & searching for every file-tab change. - Not a happy camper.
I want it gone. Any help?
I at least would like to know what it is doing. Any help?
Is it maybe most frequent to the right or something? Whatever it is, it completely ruins my ability to efficiently move round the file-tabs. Scrolling was painfully slow, but at least I kept a sense of where I was going.
Maybe if I knew the pattern, I'd be able to begrudgingly adapt. I've checked the settings & found nothing. I checked the release notes & found nothing on "editor".
PS. Ok, why can't I edit tags below, after I put in a comma? Have to delete the whole thing & reenter?


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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 18 Sep 2013
Do you have the alpabetical sorting checked? Right click on the panel bar somewhere and make sure it's not checked (or check it to force the order).
You can get to any tab by selecting it in the +n listbox.
Personally, I just vertically align this if I have a lot of files open.

nanren888 on 18 Sep 2013
Thanks, Context menu - not preferences.
I found the alphabetize. Not ticked. Also found the - position - not available through preferences, but through context menus on the bar. .
My issue with the new rationale is basically that I know I'm on a tab on a left-to-right bar of tabs & have not obvious way to do what I am used to, just go right, along the list. Instead I have to go into a mode based on filenames & choose from a list.
.I guess. I'll start using keyboard shortcuts & see if they get closer to how I work.
. It seems minor, but it's basically yet another change to the editor rationale that goes completely against the stable way I'm already productive.
. Many thanks for your pointers.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 19 Sep 2013
nanren, I'm also taking my time getting used to it...

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