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Finding the column of a matrix with the largest value

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Hey all! I have a 65X64 cell called 'spikes" with a range of numbers in it. What might be the best way to go about selecting the column (say for the first row only) with the largest element in it. I'm more interested in which column has the largest element rather than the element value itself. I've also attached a .mat file of the cell in question. Thanks in advance!

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 13 Jul 2021
Try this,
A = load('spikes.mat');
B = cell2mat(A.spikes);
[~,I] = max(max(B))

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KSSV on 13 Jul 2021
Read about the function max. Here you can specify the dimension in which you want a maximum value. Also max gives you the value and index of the element.


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