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Printing source in the editor to A3 paper comes out as A4 on an A3 page. Any help?

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nanren888 on 20 Sep 2013
Anyone point me to a viable set of settings to print source from the standard windows Matlab editor to A3 paper?
R2102b editor, print to A3, used to print an A4 page in the top right corner of the A3. Using half the page.
R2013a - I skipped
R2013b editor, print to A3, prints to the top left of the page & wraps at the edge of a virtual A4 in the top left.
Copy form the editor, paste into Word, on the same (win7) machine prints fine with syntax highlighing (thanks for that), but is getting tedious.
Anyone point me to a viable set of settings to just print source from the editor?
Print to A4 works ok.
Yes, I write long lines. I used to be able to print such code conveniently (circa R2012a?).
Yes, I am not adapted to reading folded code lines.
Every other application on this computer prints fine & Matlab used to do so too a few versions ago.
Thanks in advance.

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nanren888 on 20 Sep 2013
Ok, I take it back. A4 prints can also come out scaled & wrapping as some virtual smaller-than-A4 page on A4 pages.

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