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I want the image displayed on the axis to be dragged and zoomed at the same time in MATLAB GUI.

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This is my first time using GUIDE. I learned that MATLAB can be used to drag and zoom by setting the Pan and Zoom tools in tool bar editor. But I want to drag and zoom with the left mouse button and the scroll wheel at the same time. There is no need to switch modes by pan and zoom.
The above code, the normal display of a picture can achieve the function I described. So how can I achieve the same functionality in a GUI.

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Sarthak on 26 Apr 2024
Hey Jiawei,
You can use the 'Image Mouse Zoom and Pan' package from File Exchange. It adds instant mouse zoom (mouse wheel) and pan (mouse drag) capabilities to figures, designed for displaying 2D images in applications (e.g. created with GUIDE). Please download the package from:
Hope this helps!


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