How can I get the Structure From Motion From Multiple Views code to work with my own pictures?

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I am trying to use the example code from Structure from Motion from Multiple Views to run my own reconstruction. The code runs and stops at this point.
% Estimate the camera pose of current view relative to the previous view.
% The pose is computed up to scale, meaning that the distance between
% the cameras in the previous view and the current view is set to 1.
% This will be corrected by the bundle adjustment.
[relativeOrient, relativeLoc, inlierIdx] = helperEstimateRelativePose(...
matchedPoints1, matchedPoints2, intrinsics);
and I get the error message attached below

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Prateek Rai
Prateek Rai on 15 Sep 2021
To my understanding, you are trying to use the example code from "Structure from Motion from Multiple Views" and want to run your own reconstruction.
Since you are getting error in the code, you are advisable to first run the whole MATLAB example, and once it executes successfully then you can try to run your own reconstruction on top of the base code of MATLAB Example.
You can open the example using:
Run the command by entering it in the MATLAB Command Window.




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