Copying Figure to word

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henry wang
henry wang on 5 Feb 2011
For some reason, on my macbook, when I do edit, copy figure within plot window and paste into word, it doesn't just copy the figure but everything around it also.
I'm not sure if this has something to do with memory cause sometimes I can restart my computer and do it, and it's fine. Please advise.
Thanks, Henry

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Daniel Armyr
Daniel Armyr on 7 Feb 2011
Well, a work-around is to save/export the figure to disk and then import the saved image into word. I like to do that because it gives me better control of how the figure looks. Especially the export dialog has many nice settings to make the plots pretty.
j dr
j dr on 8 Feb 2011
Can you define "other junk"
Most of the stuff in a figure is removable and you can also set the background color to white if you'd like

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