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If I buy Matlab and Simulink Student Suite can I instal MatlabBGL library?

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I have two questions regarding my software choice.
1) If I buy Matlab and Simulink Student Suite can I instal MatlabBGL library? (available here)
2) I am using the live trial and cannot upload files bigger than 250 MB. If I buy the software and work with the downloaded version: Will I be able to work with +300 MB files? (I don't know if the little space is a feature of the online version or of the students license)
If I can work with BGL and use bigger data, then I would buy the Matlab Student Suite license, but I don't know if that is the case.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Aug 2021
MatlabGBL appears to be a (free) File Exchange contribution. I am not aware of any reason that it could not be used by a Student license.
"Store up to 5 GB of files when your MATLAB license is current on Software Maintenance Service, or get 250 MB of free storage with just a MathWorks Account."
When you purchase a Student or Student Suite license, you get one year of software maintenance service included, so your limit would be 5 GB for MATLAB Online.
I was able to install the package to MATLAB Online . It gave me a warning about the use of "assert"; look at it I can see that the way it uses "assert" will not conflict with any Mathworks use... though since the Mathworks assert() will be used instead, potentially there could be problems running the self-test of the package.


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