how to add a number in a variable in a multiple?

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i want to generate a data from zero to 180 degree for that i write
A = 0:45:180;
so i will get
A = 0 45 90 135 180
now i want that each number of Variable a should b multiple of value 'B', if B = 3 then answer should look like
A= 0 0 0 45 45 45 90 90 90 180 180 180

Accepted Answer

Jakeb Chouinard
Jakeb Chouinard on 3 Aug 2021
If I may direct you to the MATLAB documentation for repelem, you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for. Repelem allows you to repeat elements in a vector or matrix without much fuss, even allowing for different numbers of repeitions if desired.
Good luck and cheers,

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