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App Designer package and encrypt code

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Leo Zhai
Leo Zhai on 9 Aug 2021
Edited: Yoni on 26 Jun 2023
I develped an AppDesigner, and Shared(packaged) it as .mlappinstall
  • I already 'pcode' the used functions as .p before packaging.
  • While when I unzip the .mlappinstall, I could see the .mlapp, which means the user could also see the .mlapp part code.
How could I encrypt the .mlapp and package.
BTW: I knew I could export the .mlapp to .m then 'pcode' to .p, while I could not use AppDesigner tool to share(package) a .m

Accepted Answer

Shivam Ahuja
Shivam Ahuja on 17 Aug 2021
I understand that you want to encrypt the .mlapp file and package
The following 3 ways will help you to achieve this:-
1) Use MATLAB Compiler to compile everything. MATLAB Compiler encrypts using AES. You can refer to below two links for more understanding on how to use MATLAB Compiler to encrypt.
2) Use your own encryption scheme. It will be necessary to decrypt the code before it can be executed. You can refer to below link.
3)Use pcode which obfuscates code (makes it more difficult to access and understand) but does not actually encrypt it. You can refer to documentation of pcode.
Yoni on 23 Jun 2023
Edited: Yoni on 23 Jun 2023
How can you obfuscates mlapp source code and still be able to package it as a MATLAB app that can be installed in MATLAB?
Yoni on 26 Jun 2023
Edited: Yoni on 26 Jun 2023
I found a solution. It turns out you can run the m-files that you get from exporting MLAPP files. This means you don't need to carry over the MLAPP files to your package. But, before you package, convert the m-files to p-files. Now your packaged app is protected.

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