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How to protect paramaters in look-up table in Simulink?

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This is Ozan and I'am using Matlab/Simulink 2020a. I want to share my models with third parties, so I used model protection tool in Simulink with embedded coder. For other blocks the tool works fine and makes the code hard to understand, please note that model protection should be compatible with code generation. But when I protect a look-up table (or constant) whose parameters are provided from workspace all the parameters are visible in data.c file. This means that all third parties will be able to see look-up table parameters and I want to prevent that.
So in short, are there any way to protect the parameters of look up table?
To be more clear, I create an example. First, I created a look-up table from, then model referenced it. I protect the referenced model and create a rest harness. When I generate code from protected test harness and review the generated c code. I observe that all the parameters can be clearly seen in data.c file. The screenshots can be seen in the attachment. Also, I attach all the normal and protected model files.
Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 18 Aug 2021
Hi Ozan,
I understand that the issue is with protecting the parameters of the Look-up Table while code generation from the protected model. The link below clearly explains various ways to offer different levels of protection to the Simulink models. You may have a look at that.
Hope this helps!

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