"Go Until Cursor" shortcut in R2012a

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Jim on 10 Oct 2013
Commented: Jim on 11 Oct 2013
I frequently find the "Go Until Cursor" function to be useful during debugging and would like to create a one-click shortcut for it on the Shortcuts Toolbar. Is there any way to do this in R2012a?

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 11 Oct 2013
This is not an answer for R2012a, but in later Toolstrip releases (R2012b and beyond) you can right-click on the "Run to Cursor" button and choose "Add to Quick Access Toolbar".
You can always assign a keyboard shortcut too, using Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts.
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Jim on 11 Oct 2013
Thanks, a keyboard shortcut is just as good.

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